The Financial Cost of Staff Turnover

With recent statistics highlighting that the cost to replace an employee can be as high as 150% of their annual salary (Mercer Consulting), it is clear that inspired, motivated and engaged staff can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line. A recent visit to a prospective client highlighted this. The company employs 50 people […]

Hidden Costs of EmployeeTurnover

Employee turnover has some obvious costs associated with it, including recruitment, training and salary. However, every time an employee leaves, there are a variety of hidden costs you might not have considered. While you might not be writing a cheque for these costs, here is how turnover can drain business dollars according to a recent […]

Staff engagement and motivation

Motivating, inspiring and engaging your staff shouldn’t be an onerous task. It should be part of your corporate culture. After all, your staff should be viewed as your most prized assets. However, all too often staff engagement is not an everyday occurrence, and as a result we see endless surveys on how disengaged and demotivated […]

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