Dreaded appraisals and performance reviews

At this time of year many workers and managers are preparing for the often dreaded annual appraisal and performance review. While most  organisations continue to perform this uncomfortable process once or twice a year, a few companies are scrapping the formality altogether, according to an article by the Corporate Executive Board featured in a recent  article […]

Australian workers are less committed

A recent report by employment gurus at Mercer Consulting outlined that “Australian workers are less committed and less satisfied today than they were five years ago”. According to the survey “the most disgruntled workers reported being ready to bolt and were greatly dissatisfied with their benefit packages, type of work, available training opportunities and compensation”. […]

Forgotten Heroes

The subject of staff commissions and bonuses can be a sensitive topic of conversation in any organisation. Most companies pay their sales staff a commission based on performance. After all, these frontline staff are often seen as the lifeblood of a company. But what about your forgotten heroes working behind the scenes? They too play […]

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