Be a great “Giver”

No one can argue that recognising and rewarding staff is a good thing. A culture of recognising can deliver a major benefit to your business. However, as middle managers and supervisors what’s often not so clear is how the giver does a great job in “giving”.    Spontaneous reactions and well deserved rewards are relatively easy, but […]

5 Steps to ensure success

I recently met with a company that had attempted to deliver a reward and recognition program which had failed to inspire staff, despite their best efforts and intentions. When we looked a little deeper at the program, the reasons for the lack of success were clear. As a result, we developed a list of 5 […]

Reward your middle performers

I had an interesting conversation this week with some senior people from a highly regarded TAFE that had lost a little of its shine over the past two or three years. The issue of staff motivation and engagement came up and we started highlighting areas where reward and recognition would add significant benefits to the […]

It’s official. Reward and recognition programs really work

A new study by the Aberdeen Group confirms companies that implement reward & recognition programs post markedly higher revenues than those that don’t. Organisations that implement non-cash reward and recognition programs have annual revenue increases of 10% on average, compared with just 3% for all other companies — more than three times higher. The new […]

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