The shelf life of ‘thank you’ and ‘great job’

A culture of recognition has to start at the top. ‘Thank you for doing a great job’ is perfect for recognising exceptional staff behaviour, and costs nothing to say. The recipient will feel really positive and inspired when they hear these words. However, there is a ‘shelf life’ on ‘thank you’ and ‘great job’. Here’s why. […]

An easy way to reduce costs and reward staff

We have a client in fast growth mode. Company ABC are recruiting  up to 20 new staff per year, and have been paying around $10,000 per employee recruited through recruitment companies. They were looking for ways to reduce this large overhead. They decided to introduce a staff referral scheme. The objective. To reduce staff recruitment costs over a […]

A great week for Brownie Points

This has been a memorable week for Brownie Points and for me personally. On Tuesday and Thursday I carried out my first public speaking events as a so called “industry expert”. While I do not regard myself as an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I do have a good knowledge and understanding of […]

Trends in Rewards & Recognition

The Incentive Research Foundation recently issued a detailed report that compiles and categorises research from 46 different sources into its “2012 Trends in Rewards & Recognition” report. Excerpts from five of the key trends in the report are shown below with our thoughts added. 1) The need to move quickly Five year strategic plans no […]

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