Brownie Points “Recognised” at Cardinia’s Business Awards

The following article was published in the SE Regional Business magazine. Having won the recent ‘Start up Smart’ award as ‘One to watch’ and having been listed as a finalist in the forthcoming prestigious Annual Telstra Business Awards, the winning of an award at the Cardinia Business Awards completed a fantastic hat trick. “Brownie Points is […]

The time to start recognising your staff is NOW

There are still a disappointingly large number of surveys being published that show that the level of employee disengagement continues to run at a high level. One recent survey from HC Online quoted that 21% of employees are actively disengaged. That means one in five staff members are actually working against their employers. Can you believe […]

The role of Human Resources

In your organisation is the HR department strategic or merely administrative? In truth, many would admit to it being the latter while secretly wanting it to be the former, but not knowing how to make the switch. Now is a great time for HR managers to get a seat at the ‘top table’ and be […]

Do Incentives Actually Cause Failure?

“When the stakes get too high, performance can suffer”, according to a new paper from researchers at California Institute of Technology. Previous studies had suggested that success rates decline with high incentives because people can be too motivated. The newest research suggests otherwise, finding positive responses in the reward-response area only when the incentive was […]

Low Cost High Impact Reward and Recognition

I met with senior manager of a major organisation at a conference in Melbourne this week. He told me about an interesting reward program that his company operate. This manager works for an organisation where senior executives fly around Asia on a regular basis, collecting hundreds of thousands of air miles between them in the […]

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