Senior management buy in is vital.

Brownie Points was recently involved in a survey that circulated around a Linked-in discussion group. The survey was designed to identify the main reasons why a company might not introduce a reward and recognition program. The top five answers are shown below: 1.  56% claimed that there was little or no buy in from senior management. […]

Fact: Engaged employees outperform

A Gallup survey of large companies has concluded once again that engaged, motivated managers and workers are a very good thing to have. The survey also indicates that companies with high “employee engagement” financially outperform those with low engagement. Similar numbers hold true for medium sized companies. A 2012 survey of Chief Executives in the […]

Recognition is wonderful

 At Brownie Points we understand about the power of recognition, and what it means to the recipient. After all, we specialise in helping organisations introduce sustainable recognition and reward programs that have a measurable return on investment. In the past two months we have experienced the delights of being a recipient of recognition from prestigious […]

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