SwanCare Group

“Without doubt one of the major challenges facing an Aged Care operator is the ability to firstly attract the right staff, but then secondly it is a matter of retaining them. All too often we expend enormous time and energy in developing and nurturing our staff only to find them move on. At SwanCare Group […]

Are Your Values Working for your business?

I am always impressed when I visit a company and they have their values, and often vision statements, proudly displayed in reception. What is less impressive is that when asked, many employees do not know these values. In one recent visit to a prospective client, a large liquor wholesaler, the receptionist who had been with […]

Do you WOW your customers?

Customer service is not something high on the list of many CEO’s, much to their cost, but if you consider brand leaders such  as Apple, Virgin  and Nike it is not difficult to see the correlation between great customer service, brand image and competitive edge. So how good is your customer service? Do you WOW […]

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