The importance of recognition

The feeling that you are not only doing your job well, but that others are noticing, is irreplaceable. It breeds engagement and excitement for what you do, and it motivates you to try harder and perform better. Imagine if everyone inside your organisation felt that same level of excitement? What would that do to your […]

Ensuring your employee recognition program is a success

It’s been widely proven that employee recognition programs can have a positive impact on company staff retention, culture, and productivity. However, what starts out as a well-intentioned initiative can quickly fizzle out if not designed and implemented effectively, leaving HR managers scratching their heads and wondering why the program didn’t work. Here are ten tips […]

Strive for employee passion to improve your business

Employee passion, motivation and engagement is finally becoming a topic of conversation among CEOs and executives, and it is certainly about time. Businesses have been undervaluing the potential in their workers, resulting in corporate underperformance for far too long. I have been studying the correlation between employee engagement, customer loyalty and brand value for a […]

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