Sales Campaign Success

National event management company Event Travel Management (ETM), a well-respected supplier of sales incentive programs, is one of the first Incentive Association members to take advantage of the newly formed relationship with Brownie Points, securing a prestigious order with a key corporate client to supply a fully integrated solution for a new sales campaign. ETM […]

Misconceptions on Engagement

The following article was written by David Mason from Decision Wise. I felt it was worth publishing in its entirety. Listen, I get it. Your employees have a good job that “most people in the world would die for. They’re only working 40 hours a week. They have healthcare. You’re matching their 401k contributions. You […]

Low cost ways to reward employees

When an organisation is operating on a tight budget, cash rewards and bonuses, along with marketing, are often the first items that are cut. And yet these are often the things that should be kept as they can lead to improved performance, increased productivity, cost saving ideas and increased customer loyalty. Cutting rewards and bonuses […]

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