Recognise the benefits of recognition

Recognition may be the fastest, smartest and most cost effective path to elevate performance management. Formal studies, employee surveys and HR evaluations consistently show that employees respond well when they are appreciated, valued and respected. When managers take the time to say “thanks” for a job well done, with specific information on what is being recognised, […]

Keeping Your Recognition Program Fresh

Even the best recognition program doesn’t last forever. To keep your program fresh and the energy for it high, you need to periodically review what’s working well and what’s broken with the program. Indicators that your program might need a check-up or complete overhaul include: Loss of excitement. If energy for the program has seriously […]

What does employee engagement look like?

The following blog excerpt by Rebecca Longman at Red Ponder is well worth a read, and aligns significantly with our views at Brownie Points. I believe that by implementing recognition programs that takes these points into consideration you will significantly increase your chances for improving employee engagement in your organisation. A significant amount of literature […]

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