Boost employee engagement

Employee engagement should be the number one priority for HR departments in 2016 according to Deloitte in their Growing Human Capital Trends Report November 2015. So how do you boost employee engagement? Here are five tips on how to increase and measure employee engagement in your organisation: Engagement must come from the top: Any initiative to improve […]

Who is responsible for employee engagement?

Who’s responsible for employee engagement at your organisation? Who do you depend on to roll-out and implement a successful employee engagement initiative? If employee engagement is lacking, who’s to blame? If employee engagement increases, who gets credit? The correct answer is everyone. Employee engagement is everyone’s responsibility—top-level leadership, HR, team managers, and employees. Although roles […]

Cash: The Laziest Way to Engage Your Employees

A cash bonus can’t buy employee engagement. It’s like a sugar high: great in the moment but it’s unfulfilling in the long run. Engagement requires ongoing, meaningful interactions. Highly engaged employees are productive, innovative, and loyal because of how they’re treated on a daily basis…not on special occasions. The trend remains that 70% of employees […]

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