Managing your team for success

When moving into a team leadership role, a manager gains a certain degree of power simply from the authority granted them in their assigned position. They have to make decisions and they have to get work done with and through others. Letting go of the impulse to “do it yourself” and giving your team members […]

What keeps HR Managers awake at night?

With an ageing workforce, multi-generational and multi ethnicity staff, skills shortages, changing demands of employees and calls for more social purpose and responsibility, employers today, more than ever before, need to respond to these key business drivers in order to maximise their business opportunity. Invariably the same issue rises to the top of the pile […]

Employee recognition myths

It is estimated that around 80% of companies run an employee engagement or reward and recognition program, but less than a third (30%) of employees are satisfied with these programs. What is really surprising is that over 65% of employees state that lack of feedback or appreciation is one of the main reasons for leaving […]

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