Engagement facts

It has been proven that engaged employees can help to generate healthier profits, improved shareholder value, higher productivity and lower operational costs. To see this in detail, take a look a this video https://youtu.be/xqO3sfRZDAE

Staff who feel appreciated, valued and are aligned with your corporate vision and values are more likely to contribute  their discretionary effort.

The following quotes come from a 2016 report “Engagement Drives Profit” with contributions from Harvard, McKinsey, PWC, KPMG, Gallup and Towers Perrin.

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Firms with high levels of employee engagement report higher profit growth (10-15%) than firms with low levels of engagement – MIT Sloan Management Review 2016.

Firms with high levels of engagement improve their operating income by up to 19% while firms with low levels report decreases – Towers Perrin 2016.

Firms with high levels of engagement generate shareholder returns 22% higher than average and firms with low levels report shareholder returns 28% lower than average – AON Hewitt 2016.

Firms with high levels of employee engagement report 20% higher productivity – Gallup 2016.

The most engaged employees put in 57% more effort on the job – PWC 2016.

Engaged employees take half the number of sick days than disengaged employees – Gallup 2016.

Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave, compared to disengaged employees – KPMG 2016.

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Brownie Points employee recognition programs can help you deliver benefits such as:

* improved sales

* greater productivity and compliance

* increased innovation and cost savings initiatives

* enhanced e-learning

* reduced absenteeism and accidents

* improved customer experience and loyalty

* increased staff retention and talent attraction

* improved company performance.

Brownie Points multi award winning software is now seen as the staff recognition and engagement platform of choice by thought leading businesses around the world.

Without question, engagement drives profit. Brownie Points drives engagement while delivering a measurable improvement to your bottom line.

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