Show Your Employees Your Appreciation

Valued employees are valuable employees. Showing your people that they are valued and appreciated can have a major impact on your business, and they are likely to respond with loyalty and higher productivity. When it comes to retaining your best employees, more money isn’t always the answer. No-one objects to a bonus or an extra […]

Creating an engaged workforce.

Tips to make it happen When your staff are engaged in the workplace they are happy – and equally as importantly, they are productive and motivated to perform.  There is robust data supporting the business benefits of fostering engagement amongst the workforce in small and large business.  It pays to make it a priority.  Gallup […]

Recognise all great contribution

Don’t let a single opportunity for celebration or recognition go unheeded. Achieving goals, completing an induction or training program, assisting a colleague to complete a project on time all deserve a degree of appreciation as they all add value to your business. Formal recognition has long been well understood by business leaders. Top performers are […]

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