Maintaining engagement when money is tight

When times are tough and money is tight, companies often focus on reducing corporate costs rather than looking at areas that can be improved to generate additional business. At times like this, many managers forget the importance of staff morale and engagement, and fail to realise that cuts in the workforce can have a major […]

Your employees are your brand

In today’s rapidly changing global economy, your people are your only true competitive advantage. They are your brand. Highly motivated and passionate employees will present your business in the best possible light. Equally, disengaged employees will portray a poor image of your business. It’s possible to replicate your products, pricing, marketing, etc. but it’s impossible […]

Ensuring success with your employee recognition program

It is well known that employee recognition programs can have a positive impact on company staff retention, culture, and productivity. However, what starts out as a well-intentioned initiative can quickly fizzle out if not designed and implemented effectively, leaving HR managers scratching their heads and wondering why the program didn’t work. Here are ten tips […]

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