The gold mine of discretionary effort

Discretionary effort is classed as the level of effort an employee is willing to give above what is expected for their role. This means that since discretionary effort is above and beyond what is expected, paid for or planned for, there will be no punishment if it is not delivered. Unfortunately, in many organisations today […]

The Importance of Recognition to your business

Staff attrition rates in hospitality are among the highest of any industry sector. But many other businesses experience a high turnover of staff, and yet employee engagement is often neglected as a significant way to improve retention. The importance of employee recognition in today’s modern workplace has been proven in numerous studies. Employee recognition has […]

Cost of Staff turnover in hospitality

Major challenges facing today’s hospitality sector include staff recruitment and retention alongside competition and increasing customer expectations. Independent reports say 29% of hospitality industry employees are disengaged, while the industry is suffering from some of the world’s highest employee turnover rates which can be damaging to your brand. Employee engagement is one of the best […]

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