Are your values working for your business?

I am impressed when I visit a company and they have their values, and often vision statements, proudly displayed in reception. What is less impressive is that when asked about them, many employees do not know what these values are, and more importantly what they really stand for. In one recent visit to a prospective […]

The Christmas Bonus: How to effectively reward your employees

If you are one of those managers attempting to determine what to do about Christmas bonuses this year, hold your thoughts. Although the Christmas bonus is no longer the “norm,” it is still used in many organisations as a means of rewarding staff loyalty and productivity. When it comes to end of year gifts, whether […]

Engagement is not just for Christmas

For some companies the Christmas period brings collaboration and forward planning, for others it’s a time of skeleton staff and lapsed productivity. What separates the two is their approach to employee engagement, particularly over the festive period. By and large, thought leading executives are realising that annual bonuses don’t really work. Cash incentives do little […]

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