Hidden costs of staff turnover

The main reason why most managers fail is their inability to retain top talent. Lack of positive feedback and recognition for contribution plays a large part in that. Many senior executives have the attitude that anyone is replaceable, like a pair of gloves, and that they can hire someone even better if a staff member […]

The benefits of giving Purpose and Meaning to your Employees

Most people would agree that we all want meaningful work, purpose and recognition for our efforts. It’s just that we don’t often receive it in the work place, which is why most people move on. Lack of positive feedback is one of the biggest reasons why people leave. Many of you will have heard the […]

STAR tips for giving employee recognition and feedback

Giving recognition is something that should be taken seriously, and if you are trying to develop a culture of recognition it is important to follow a few basic rules. First of all, put yourself in the shoes of the recipient and always consider the person being recognised. Then ask yourself this question. Why are you […]

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