Want more engaged employees? Part 1

When managing a department or a business, keeping your team stimulated, alert, and willing to work above and beyond to meet a deadline can sometimes be very challenging. And when projects get hectic or deadlines rapidly approach, it may feel almost impossible to maintain your employees’ focus, positive energy, and efficient communication. So what are […]

Why rewards work – but not always

The science behind rewards and incentives – Why do they work? I recently read an article published by UK rewards company Ovation, and have incorporated some of their research into motivation and rewards in this blog. At some point in our lives, perhaps even very recently, rewards have persuaded us to do something above and […]

What to avoid when implementing an employee engagement program

When implemented correctly, employee recognition programs have been proven to have a positive impact on business, and can promote staff loyalty, boost discretionary effort, increase productivity and improve customer experience. However, a lot of employee recognition programs get it wrong, and often fail to deliver real improvements in employee engagement and the resulting business benefits. […]

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