• Engagement drives profit

    Engagement drives profit. Brownie Points drives engagement. Our multi award winning recognition platform ensures that you can quickly and easily implement recognition programs to increase motivation and employee engagement, with measurable business benefits. With more than 10,000 users worldwide we guarantee it.

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    Can Brownie Points help me improve my employee engagement?

    With Brownie Points you can create and personalise your employee engagement program in line with your business objective.

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  • Maximise technology

    With today’s employees more mobile and computer savvy than ever before, utilising technology is essential to keep your team up to date and motivated.

    Recognition for staff performance or contribution is perfect for engaging and motivating your team and instant recognition is the most powerful of all. The longer you leave it to recognise or thank someone for a job well done, the less value it has. Maximising the benefits of technology can have a significant positive impact and your bottom line.

  • Inspire your employees


    With statistics from Mercer Consulting highlighting that the cost to replace an employee can be as high as 150% of their annual salary, it is clear that reducing staff turnover by inspiring, motivating and engaging your staff can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.

    Brownie Points multi award winning staff engagement programs are designed to help you retain and attract top talent, making you an employer of choice.

  • Money does not motivate

    There is overwhelming evidence that money alone is not a major motivator, but it is amazing that most businesses continue to put aside money for performance schemes that just do not work according to industry experts SHL Consulting.

    Brownie Points is an ideal motivational platform, whether you are a commercial enterprise or a Not for Profit organisation, with an extensive range of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to motivate your staff.

Step 1: Design

Brownie Points makes it easy to personalise your employee recognition and engagement program. We help you every step of the way to guarantee your success.

Step 2: Launch

Our proven, low risk platform is simple to maintain and easy to use. Brownie Points is designed to help improve your staff engagement with recognition programs that can reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, improve customer experience, increase innovation and cost savings ideas and reduce operational overheads.

Step 3: Measure

Regular reviews guarantee that your business drivers and return on investment are all in balance with your business objectives.

Brownie Points makes recognition easy

Engagement drives profit. Brownie Points drives engagement

Brownie Points employee recognition programs deliver improved staff engagement to all organisations, commercial or NFP, regardless of size or budget. Our leading edge technology delivers programs that are:

  • Quick to implement with minimal consulting or training
  • Easy to personalise and administer
  • Intuitive to use while delivering extensive functionality
  • Designed to measure business performance
  • Low in risk with affordable cost of ownership
With Brownie Points you can measure your return on investment. We guarantee it.

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Brownie Points is a multi award winning software platform that delivers employee recognition programs that are quick to implement with a low cost of ownership, making it a great solution for any organisation, regardless of size or budget.

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Most people would agree that the value an organisation places on its people is essential for a business to succeed. Competition for talent in the workplace is increasing, whilst competitors are relentless in their quest for market share. As a result, the need to engage, motivate and reward staff has never been more important.

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