Be creative with your rewards

Many organisations offer incentives and rewards to staff as a way to improve productivity, increase morale and create a better working environment. Offering staff incentives against pre-determined behaviours and actions helps keep track of performance, but being flexible and offering non-traditional and creative incentives can also have a great positive impact.     Traditionally, employee incentives have […]

Lousy Advice from Consultants

I came across the following article last week on the U.S site “Smart Brief on Workforce”, and print it here in its entirety as a cautionary tale. The article is entitled: “Reasons to Run from Employee Recognition Programs – Fast!!” The author works at a consultancy that is ostensibly about helping companies get the most […]

The surprising science of motivation

I recently watched a YouTube presentation from motivational guru Dan Pink, entitled “The surprising science of motivation”. The presentation covered ideas on how to engage staff by promoting autonomy, self- direction and creativity. In his research, Dan concluded that rewards are less effective for extremely complex tasks. While I agree with much of what Dan […]

Maintaining morale when money is tight

 When times are tough and money is tight, companies often focus on reducing corporate costs rather than looking at areas that can be improved to generate additional business.  At times like this, many managers forget the importance of staff morale, and fail to realise that cuts in the workforce can have a major impact on […]

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