The future of performance reviews

The article below featured in the Australian Financial Review on Friday 31st August. It highlights that Brownie Points is more than a staff recognition platform, as more of our clients are now using the software as a real time performance monitoring alternative to their traditional and often outdated annual or bi- annual performance reviews. Some of our clients who are […]

10 ways to improve staff recognition

Earlier this year I read an interesting article by John Sylvester from IPM, and have taken some of his thoughts and added them to my own for this article on ways to improve your staff recognition programme. Employee recognition has been proven to positively impact on both staff productivity and loyalty, which is why many […]

Improving Employee Productivity

Some employees are just lazy and nothing you do is going to change that. But most of the time, when employees are not productive, it is due to flawed management practices. There are a lot of things a manager can do to help employees shine, and with the high number of disengaged employees that studies […]

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