Recognition programs can pay multiple dividends. Part 2

This second blog on how recognition programs can pay multiple dividends focuses on Infrequency The most impactful recognition comes frequently — even daily — yet most recognition programs often focus on distant milestones like work anniversaries and annual reviews. Why infrequency is a problem Recognition that doesn’t happen close to the moment that a behaviour has […]

Employee Engagement Seminar

Brownie Points is proud to announce that we will be participating in a seminar on Employee Engagement which is being hosted by one of our major Australian partners, SACS Consulting, in Melbourne CBD on Tuesday 28th November. Andrew Marty will be the main presenter, and Paul Schmeja, CEO of First Contact will be a guest speaker, talking about […]

Employee Recognition Program Dividends. Part 1

A well thought out and delivered employee recognition program is an investment that can pay multiple dividends, but there are a few surprisingly common obstacles that can stand in the way of getting the most from your investment. Some of these obstacles can subtly undermine your recognition program’s goals, leaving it floundering with little support, […]

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