The gold mine of discretionary effort

Discretionary effort is classed as the level of effort an employee is willing to give above what is expected for their role. This means that since discretionary effort is above and beyond what is expected, paid for or planned for, there will be no punishment if it is not delivered. Unfortunately, in many organisations today […]

The Importance of Recognition to your business

Staff attrition rates in hospitality are among the highest of any industry sector. But many other businesses experience a high turnover of staff, and yet employee engagement is often neglected as a significant way to improve retention. The importance of employee recognition in today’s modern workplace has been proven in numerous studies. Employee recognition has […]

Cost of Staff turnover in hospitality

Major challenges facing today’s hospitality sector include staff recruitment and retention alongside competition and increasing customer expectations. Independent reports say 29% of hospitality industry employees are disengaged, while the industry is suffering from some of the world’s highest employee turnover rates which can be damaging to your brand. Employee engagement is one of the best […]

Show Your Employees Your Appreciation

Valued employees are valuable employees. Showing your people that they are valued and appreciated can have a major impact on your business, and they are likely to respond with loyalty and higher productivity. When it comes to retaining your best employees, more money isn’t always the answer. No-one objects to a bonus or an extra […]

Creating an engaged workforce.

Tips to make it happen When your staff are engaged in the workplace they are happy – and equally as importantly, they are productive and motivated to perform.  There is robust data supporting the business benefits of fostering engagement amongst the workforce in small and large business.  It pays to make it a priority.  Gallup […]

Recognise all great contribution

Don’t let a single opportunity for celebration or recognition go unheeded. Achieving goals, completing an induction or training program, assisting a colleague to complete a project on time all deserve a degree of appreciation as they all add value to your business. Formal recognition has long been well understood by business leaders. Top performers are […]

Myths about employee engagement – numbers 1 to 3

“Slipshod assistance, foolish inattention, dowdy indifference, and half-hearted work seem to be the rule; and no man succeeds, unless by hook or crook or threat he forces or bribes other men to assist him.” ~ Elbert Hubbard, A Message to Garcia, 1899. In many businesses today, managers are still living by this philosophy, or something […]

Don’t forget your backroom heroes

The subject of staff commissions and bonuses can be a sensitive topic of conversation in any organisation. Most companies pay their sales staff a commission based on performance. After all, these frontline staff are often seen as the lifeblood of a company. But what about your forgotten heroes working behind the scenes, beavering away day […]

Tips for effective employee recognition

Giving recognition and positive feedback sounds easy, and it should be, but it is amazing how many times it is not done well. With a little careful thought it should deliver great results and help improve discretionary effort. Here are some tips on how to maximise recognition. First of all, put yourself in the shoes […]

The Importance of Recognition

The importance of employee recognition in today’s modern workplace has been proven in numerous studies. Employee recognition has evolved, and gone are the days of “reward and recognition” where “you do this, you get that.” It has also evolved beyond focusing on tenure of service and recognising people who meet employment milestones, although there is […]

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